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Orange County SEO

Choosing the right SEO company can be a daunting task. Did you know there are over 2.79 million webpages for “Orange County SEO” on the Google search results alone! Selecting the most reputable firm with the highest quality of results takes time, due-diligence and money. Fouts Ventures has simplified this process by optimizing this webpage to show up on the top of the search results. Thus making it easier for you to find and proving that it is possible to get the results you need using Fouts Ventures SEO services.


How do I get started? Call 800-277-5221 and one of our staff will walk you through your free website audit and determine the cost and length of time to optimize your website. If you are an Orange County resident please make sure to mention the “Orange County SEO discount” after you receive your project bid.


Want some free sample tips on how to optimize your webpage? Read more! A web page is made up of lots of code that is called HTML and is designed using CSS. Behind all this code is a few very simple tags called Meta Tags. The “Title” meta tag is the title that the search engines read and display on their search results. Fouts Ventures recommends this be no longer than 70 characters and that is the maximum amount that will show up on Google’s search engine. The “Description” meta tag also known as the meta description is limited to 156 characters by Google’s search engine. Keeping your meta tags within these constraints will keep your site details simple and accessible by the major search engines.