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Software Development

Software development consist of systems which help individuals and businesses to achieve their goals, through a LAN based environment. Fouts Ventures software developement includes custom micromanagement packages (, accounting software, and daily business needs. Content management systems, contact management and customer relation software is the very basics of the Fouts Ventures framework. One of our dedicated business analysist can assist in providing an analysis of which software would be best for your company. Contact Fouts Ventures today for a preliminary meeting.

In the age of computers software is the tool by which companies will save money on the expense accounts. Much as the wheel was used to star the industrial revolution, software is used to increase productivity. Forgetting daily tasks, increased customer requirements and managers to sort and handle data are no longer necessary in the work force. This can all be managed by software; daily reminders, customer relations, and employee management are the very corner stone of software. A 40 hour work week for 52 weeks in a year is 2080 hours that one employee spends producing the requirements of a company. If two hours a day are spent filling out excel sheets, compiling information and repeating information in a given year that is 104 hours, which amounts to $3,120 for an company that pays $30/hour.

Now imagine having ten employees that have to repeat these steps. A $5,000-$15,000 software development project no longer seems like an unmeaningful requirement. Custom built software from Fouts Ventures has several advantages over pre-built software. Custom software is created to the exact needs of the client and has no licencing agreement. Pre-built software has to be re-manipulated to meet the clients needs as well as enduring an everlasting contract to pay the creators to use the product.

Custom built software is made to scale an improve over time. Pre-built software is created to meet the needs of the as many businesses as it can not the individual business. Pre-built software has one advantage, there is a minimal up-front cost. In the long run is it less expensive to create and own the software than to pay for the licencing fees, customization and learning expenses.

    Summary of pre-built vs customized software development:

    Pre-built Software

  • Low initial cost
  • Not customized, some features not available
  • long term low ROI

  • Custom Software Development

  • Medium initial cost
  • Customized to project requirements
  • long term high ROI

If you have any doubt about software development please feel free to visit us and contact for further questions.

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